Dutch Design Week 2018 will be a very special one! That's because Atelier Boelhouwer will launch "Insectology: Food for Buzz". A project in which we're developing a series of flowers meant as a emergency food source to support our declining insect population. 
Come and see this project for yourself at Yksi Expo, everyday from 20 till 28 October, 11.00 till 18.00h : Torenallee 22-04, 5617 BD Eindhoven
We're proud to be working together with great people and scientist such as, Stichting Stokroos, dr. M.C. Marco Roos (Naturalis Leiden), prof. dr. ir. JJA van Loon (WUR), Bram Otten (engineer) and Thimo Voorwinden (engineer). 
If you'd like more information on this project, please send an email to atelierboelhouwer@gmail.com

Atelier Boelhouwer is happy to be chosen for a very special jewellery exhibition in Brazil. Galeria Alice Floriano will be showing the work of 30 hand picked artist from all over the world who are working with or inspired  by insects. Insectology and Paradis en Reveille will be part of this exhibition which is opening september 2018. 

20 February 2017 Insectology sweets was featured in GroenLicht. A dutch television show about sustainable news and facts. Insects can be a solution to several big food and environment related problems, so say scientist and environmentalist. Together with entomologist Arnold van Huis, insectfarm van de Ven and Floortje Dessing, dutch TV host known for her worldwide travels and involvement in fair trade and organic entrepreneurship, Insectology sweets was an important item during this broadcast. 
If you may have missed the show, you can take a look via this link starting the particular fragment of Insectology Sweets at 6.24 minutes or watch the fragment above. 

The total Insectology project, in which this series of sweets belong to, is about upgrading insects in a context of luxury and food. Through these products, the insect world can be seen in a much more aesthetically pleasing light, thereby increasing the perceived value of these animals and radically changing the way in which we view them.

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