Atelier Boelhouwer thinks designers nowadays are obliged to think about new possibilities and opportunities and show new perspectives instead of only making more beautiful products. This new way of designing causes a shift in what used to be a profession of design products into a profession that not only designs products, but even more concepts, ideas and research. The boundaries between art, design and other specialism's like science, biology and food seem to be fading into one.

Matilde Boelhouwer shaped this obligation into a studio which mainly focuses on the world of insects and plants. Working like a biologist, she collects, observes and studies both worlds with enormous fascination. This research is then linked to a modern-day issue like food shortages, sustainability etc. etc. Which is to be translated to conceptual or speculative design.  Making people more conscious about the importance of nature surrounding us or make them aware of new ideas and solutions is the main goal in her work. In addition, Atelier Boelhouwer designs in a more commercial way too, providing a strong basis to invest in research design. These commercial works do always have the similar idea of showing another perspective on nature.

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