Ever since she was a young girl, Matilde Boelhouwer was fascinated by nature. A deeply rooted love for animals and the ability to materialize all ideas that came to mind eventually resulted in the founding of Atelier Boelhouwer. A multidisciplinary design studio which focusses on biology inspired research design, environment and sustainability. This manifests itself in both conceptual and speculative design as well as functional objects and jewelry work.

Making people more conscious about the importance of nature surrounding us or make them aware of new ideas and solutions is a main goal in her work. Design processes take place by looking at natural phenomena, doing experiments with it and by initiating discussion.

Insects are a main subject in her work, due to their endless shapes, colors, functions and their important role in our ecosystem. In her studio, Boelhouwer regularly works with insects. By working directly with insects she learns about their behaviour, anatomy and the relationship between insects and humans. Which is then translated to a work that shows the love, lets you fantasize, makes you think or most important, lets you wonder.

With love, 

Matilde Boelhouwer
Atelier Boelhouwer

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